Sunday, September 6, 2009

This Is What Happens...

When you stay at JCW's for too long after finishing your shakes. The cute worker/waiter apparently thought we were pretty awesome and brought us an order of free fries. When you're given free fries, you eat them... no matter how full you are! Upon completion of this tasty, yet unexpected little treat, my dear, sweet friends saw a matchmaking opportunity. As seen in the picture above, Kels wrote my name (notice she put my middle name so it was clear to him that I am a girl...) as well as my phone number on the tray liner. In order to draw attention to said name and number, Jules created the arrow out of fries. I made futile attempts to stop them, and Mare giggled through the whole ordeal. I finally gave in and joined the giggle fest.
We left the tray on the table in hopes that he would see it, call me, and take me out for the date of a life time. He hasn't called... yet.
But it's only been 2 days. :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Instead of tackling the daunting task of grading the 175+ tests that are sitting next to me, as well as planning tomorrow's incredibly exciting lesson on summarizing, I decided that blogging would be a better option.
Today at school I decided to implement a new technique to get my kids to quiet down quickly and listen when I am talking (this has been a big struggle prior to today). While telling my first period class how the new method would work, one student looked at me, and with all sincerity, tapped his shoulder and said, "Miss Koster, you have a little devil right here." I just smiled.

In between grading papers and planning lessons, I have been having lots of fun! Last weekend, my bff's Mare and Jules ran the Top of Utah half-marathon. I had so much fun going up to Logan with them and watching them finish the race! I was glad I could be part of the cheerleading team! Hopefully I will be crossing the finish line with them next time. :) A special thanks to Ambs for coming to the hotel to get me so I could get to the park!

Here we all are after they finished. Good work, ladies!

I'd like to give a birthday shout-out to two of my favorite people in the world! Kels celebrated yesterday and Mare will celebrate tomorrow! These two ladies are incredible and make life so fun. Happy birthday!!! I love you both!

Well, there you go. I updated. And now I feel better.
I don't think I can avoid those tests anymore...