Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Lists and Little Letters

Things that make me happy as of lately:
1- Rain. The sound, the smell, and the feel of it.
2- Spring Break is only 1 month away.
3- There is only 1 month until Marianne and I head to Omaha!!! Can't wait to fly again!
4- For said vacation, I'm pretty pumped about riding the train home! That's right, folks. We're taking the train! Woot! :)
5- French Fries. Especially when dipped in fry sauce. Yum.
6- Lazy days. Oh how I love those.
7- Netflix. Best. Thing. Ever.
8- Weekends. Need I say more?

Dear Spring,

Please stop teasing me and just get here already. Thank you.

Dear Couple in Front of Me at Stake Conference,

The chapel is NOT the place to snuggle and cuddle and be annoyingly lovey-dovey. And please do not kiss while in church meetings.

Dear Students,

I know you want Spring Break to come. I do, too. However, I think I want it more. Please behave until we get there, though. 4 more weeks. We can make it.

Dear Monday,

Please do not come. My weekend went by too quickly and I am not quite ready for you yet.

Thank you.