Monday, August 13, 2012

Some random ramblings as my summer ends.

Get ready for a blog post completely lacking in cohesiveness. 

I don't know if summer went as quickly for you as it did for me, but holy moley, it flew by. School starts next week. Next week, people! Sometimes when I think that, I get a knot in my belly that tells me that I don't know if I am ready to tackle the task of teaching/managing 250 junior highers. But, ready or not, school is coming. Gulp. I am anxious, though, to see my students again and hear their great comments and stories.

Thankfully, my days with the boot are nearing their end. Supposedly, my foot is on the mend and I don't have to wear the boot full time anymore. If you do ever see someone you don't personally know who is in a boot, may I advise you to not say to them, "Oh man. That doesn't look fun at all."? I lost count of the number of strangers who would stop me and tell me that.

What am I supposed to do now that the Olympics are over?

Speaking of the Olympics--- in my next life, I would like to be an Olympic athlete. The sport is still yet to be determined, but I think it'd be pretty cool. Mostly I'd love to stand on the podium and hear the national anthem played.

This commercial makes me laugh. Every. Single. Time.

Lately, I have discovered that TLC has many classy shows on. And they are very creative with what they name said shows. For example, I have recently seen "America's Worst Tattoos", "My Teen is Pregnant, and so am I", "High School Moms", and "Extreme Cheapskates" just to name a few. America is full of some neat people, I tell ya. (*I promise I am productive and that I don't watch TV all the time... when I have watched TV, these shows have just happened to be on*)

I have a recent obsession with rainbow sherbet. Oh. That stuff is like heaven. I cannot get enough of it. 

Well, that's all folks!