Friday, March 30, 2012

A Birthday and Other Fun Things

In my mind for several weeks now, I have had this grand blog post all planned out. Unfortunately for you, it is late and my plan is fuzzy and I can't seem to make the words come out right. "Just do it tomorrow," you say? Well, I have finally loaded pictures and started a post. Therefore, if I don't do it now, it may be another umpteen weeks until I actually post something on this lil' blog of mine. So, sit back and enjoy some pictoral evidence of the recent happenings in my life.

Apparently Emmett saw something more interesting than the camera. But at least Mia's looking!

Skyler pretty much dominated his Pinewood Derby again. What a stud!

 Enjoying some sister time after my birthday dinner. Sure do love these two ladies.

 Mom, Nicole, Mia, and Kelsey surprised me at work with lunch on my birthday. Zupas? Yes, please.

 Confetti cake with confetti frosting. The only way to do a birthday cake. 
Sadly, my lung capacity was too small for such a large amount of candles. 28 is a big number.

Sometimes you just need movie popcorn. And sometimes you just want to stay home in your comfies and watch a movie. So the only sensible thing to do is to run to the concession stand, buy your popcorn, and take it home. And that, my friends, is what we did. And it was the perfect ending to a perfect birthday! 

Other birthday celebrations included my students singing to me, Sensuous Sandwich for dinner, and a fabulous get together with my closest friends. If turning 28 starts out this great, it can only keep getting better, right? :)