Friday, July 27, 2012

In which I learned how to be a woodworker. Kind of.

*Background: Power tools scare the living daylights out of me. I don't even like to use a power drill. And you can forget about me coming near a saw as its blade goes whizzing around and around, threatening to quickly amputate anything that might get in its way. No thank you. I prefer to remain a safe distance from such things. 

*Fast forward. I was recently having a conversation with a friend, who, when learning that I was terrified of tools, dared me to do one thing a day that scared me, starting with doing something with my dad's woodworking tools. I sat on that for a day or two and finally came to the conclusion that I might as well! What did I have to lose (besides a limb)? 

So today was the day that I sucked up my fear and went for it. My dad taught me how to turn a rolling pin on his lathe. Unlike when using a saw, I was the one in control of the blade. Still, sticking a blade into a chunk of wood that is revolving at a blurring speed is a bit intimidating. But, oh my goodness, SO FUN! Sawdust was a flyin', the lathe was whirring, and I was carving. What. A. Blast. 

Alas, here are some photos of the blessed event. 

Safety goggles are super attractive.

The chunk of wood before I got to it.

See? I'm that good that I can carve without even looking.
haha jk lol. So not true.

See these eyes? That's focus. Well, and [safety goggles] too. (10 points if you can name that movie)
My eyes were glued to that speedily spinning chunk-o-wood.
My whole self was pretty much covered like this in sawdust... I may or may not have resembled Sasquatch.

Just about done!

Voila! The final product. A fabulously functional rolling pin.
Not too shabby, eh? I conquered a fear and came out unscathed. I even walked away with something I will actually use. Now if you'll excuse me, I suppose I will go help my mum make some sugar cookies with my newly turned treasure. :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The day we celebrated freedom.

The 4th of July is kind of a big holiday in our family. I'm talking an all day, all night extravaganza. It's serious business, folks. And by the end of it all, I am a zombie. Oh but it's worth it. This year's festivities included:

- A late night party the night before down at the family parade spot... fireworks, laughter, food, good times. Thank goodness my sleeping-on-the-parade-route days are over and have been lovingly bequeathed to the next generation of youngsters.
- Freedom Run with the Addis family (well... I was the photographer thank you to my incapacitated foot)
- The parade
- BBQ and swimming party at the Stone's house. We have always spent the afternoon of July 4th there. I can't imagine a Fourth of July without it.
- Stadium of Fire. The Beach Boys were entertaining and the fireworks this year were spectacular. Probably the best year yet. The best part is having most of my mom's side of the family there. We took up three rows this year and had a blast together.

And there you have it. Another great 4th of July down in the books.

(*Thank you to the Californians for sneaking their pretty lil faces into some of our pictures. So glad they were there with us!)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The first month of summer fun...

Oh how I love summer time. So many fun things to do. Here's a picture recap of the first month of the break...

Seven Peaks- Picnic in the park- Super cool petroglyphs- Shaved ice-
Broken foot- Movie night & sleep over with Skyler- Nine Mile Canyon adventures

There's just something about the long days of summer that make me so happy. Maybe it's the warm weather. Maybe it's the break from teaching. It might even be that I don't have to set my alarm most days. It is possible that it has something to do with all the time I get to spend with my family. Or maybe, just maybe, it is a combination of all of it. Yeah, I think that's it. 

Happy Summer! :)