Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Break

One of the perks of being a teacher is getting all the scheduled school breaks. They come in handy, and are usually very needed, let me tell ya. This spring break was no exception.

Remember last year's spring break adventures? Well, in an attempt to make up for the troubles they caused, the airline gave us $400 in travel vouchers which meant that I could fly just about anywhere they flew... for free! Who was I to deny such a generous offer? Luckily, my cousin Valerie and her family live in Phoenix, so I decided to head there. Warmer weather? Yes, please. Sunshine and the pool? Yes, please.  

Thankfully, this year's flying experience wasn't nearly as eventful as last year's. The only set back was the hour and a half delay on my initial flight out of Provo. Not too shabby.

So, I spent a few days basking in the sun and enjoying a little break from work.

Val's boys wanted to go on a walk one morning, so we ventured over to a bike bridge. In my mind, I had envisioned a little bridge going over a small stream or road or something. Not so. See the cars behind us? Yeah. Turns out, the bridge spanned the 6 or so lanes of the freeway. I don't do well with heights. Mix in cars rushing by under foot, it's just not good. We ran. Rather quickly, I might add. :)

The pool was so relaxing. There was a little sandy beach area for the kids, so we pulled up some lawn chairs and settled in. Glorious, I tell you. (Sweet tan line, eh? Forgetting to put sunscreen on when helping for 4 hours at a track meet will do that to you. Oops.)

Valerie and Me. The pool was not heated and was a bit too chilly to get all the way in, but my feet enjoyed a nice little dip. :)

After I got back into town, my family and I headed up to the Living Planet Aquarium for a bit. All of us were able to be there (except for Chaz, who had to work), and a grand time was had by all. I think the penguins were my favorite. Too cute! 

Nicole, me, and Kelsey by the penguins

After the aquarium, we all headed to JCW's for lunch. Chaz was able to meet us there, so we had the entire family there for lunch. It was a fabulous way to finish off my spring break! :)

As always, the break flew by incredibly quickly, but I am excited to hear about the adventures my students had while on break. Six more weeks of school, and I am done for a while! 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I don't typically do many posts completely devoted to Gospel oriented things, but this video was too powerful not to share. My ward had a special Relief Society temple night tonight, and the temple president showed this to us. It was a good reminder for me of why we celebrate Easter, and it made me even more thankful for the incredible sacrifice of the Atonement.

Any time I hear Elder Holland speak, I am amazed at the power behind his words. He just has a way of saying things that need to be said.

Happy Easter!