Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back To School

Holy smokes. It's the end of August already. The summer flew by way too fast. I can't believe school has started already. Yikes. Time to plan lessons, grade papers, write tests, and teach. This year should be fun:

1- I'm at a new school... in Lindon. Which means my drive to work is only 10 minutes. Love that.
2- I have 7th graders this year. They (hopefully, and at least for now) aren't quite as jaded as my 9th graders were last year.
3- I only teach 2 periods. That means the amount I will be grading will be significantly less. Bonus.
4- I get to teach fun books like Holes and The Lightning Thief.
5- What can I say? I love teaching. Kids are so fun. I think I have the coolest job ever.

(Please excuse the lameness of my title. I seriously stared at my screen for 15 minutes trying to come up with something creative and witty... but, as you can see, I was seriously lacking in those areas.)