Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sometimes we do fun things

Like go to Summerfest.

 Me and Mr. E at the parade

 Me and Mike waiting for fireworks to start
(Sadly, I do not have pictures of me with my other friends and family in attendance. BUT... My mom, Skyler, Kelsey, Marianne, Chris, Julie, Ryan, and Kyle were all there, too.)

And sometimes we go to Summer Sno.
 First visit of many. Mr. E even came along for this one.

Marianne & me- Chris had never been, so I tagged along for his first visit.

And sometimes we are even crafty.

 My mom's Mother's Day gift

Patriotic Pride

We even do other fun things like sleep in, go to movies, exercise, and eat yummy food. But I don't have any pictures of those. So just imagine what they would look like. (Except me exercising. Yikes.)