Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's Over Already?

How can it be May 27 already? I mean, it really fees like school started only a month or two ago. The school year flew by. Today was the last day. It was a very bittersweet day for me. I knew it was coming, and I knew it would be hard to say goodbye to my kids and colleagues. But I didn't know it would be as hard as it was. Those kids were my kids. I became rather attached to them. I loved seeing them progress and change. I loved getting to know them. I loved hearing about what was going on in their lives. I loved the chance to celebrate with them, and also to mourn with them. It made my day when they would come bouncing into my room saying, "Miss Koster, Miss Koster! Guess what?" and would proceed to tell me something exciting that is going on. But most of all, I loved getting to see their faces and teach (and learn from) them for the past 9 months. They taught me patience (lots of it, too), understanding, how to laugh at things, and most importantly, how to love. Hopefully I was able to reach at least one of them. If that happened, I would be completely satisfied, for that is why I teach.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Perks of Being a Teacher

I love my job. Today I loved it even more. Today was Lagoon Day, and who was I to deny a free ticket into Lagoon? I mean, seriously. I got paid to have fun? Best day ever. And actually, what really made it the best day was that Mare was able to come with me. She even rode the bus up with us ('cause she's an awesome friend like that who saved me and my sanity). We had a great time, and were highly entertained by the students. What's better than a fun day with your best friend, free passes in, free lunch, and free entertainment? Not much, I say. Not much.

One highlight of the day included the kid who made an attempt to flirt with me. He was trying to get me to go on a ride with him by telling me he was scared to go on it alone. He thought things were going pretty smoothly until he asked which school we were from. I simply replied, "I teach in Payson." He immediately froze and said, "Oh! That's a nice town." and silently slid back to his friend.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Whole Lot of Pomp & Circumstance

After 54 classes, 11 semesters, 143 credits, more money than I am willing to admit, lots of late nights, lots of tears and near mental breakdowns, many tests, term papers, and presentations, and enough good memories to fill a house, I can finally call myself a college graduate. And I must say, it feels incredible!
But one of the most awesome parts of the day? My dad graduated, too. It was so neat to share the day with him. I am so proud of him for sticking with it and finishing.
A HUGE thank you goes to my parents for their support. Their pushing and encouragement made it possible for me to finish.
And thank you to my friends and family who came and celebrated with me.
Here are a few pictures from the day. Sadly, some of the pictures we took after the ceremonies didn't turn out. But here are some that did!

The graduates- UVU Class of 2010

Nicole, Me, Kels

Me & My Mom

Mare, Kels, Jules, Me

Jen, Kasie, Me-- These girls made my classes so fun!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

She's All Mine!

Meet Nissy. She is my loyal little car who has been on so many adventures with me. She has been to San Diego, Reno, Pocatello, and has been my trusty means of getting myself to Payson every day for the last 9 months. She survived giant potholes in California. She made it through a week in the shop when a lady backed her SUV into her bumper. She survived a flat tire on the side of Geneva Road. She has dutifully helped me haul my stuff as I have moved in and out of apartments. And today I paid her off! And now she is all mine! :)

(Yes, I realize I am posting about my car before I post about graduation. Fear not. A graduation post will be coming shortly.)