Saturday, September 27, 2008

12 Hours of Hiking = Lots of Pain

Well, we did it! We climbed Timp!!! Me, Kels, Mare, Jules, Ryan and Byron made it to the top. We started at 4:15 am at the Timpanookee trail head and hiked in the dark for the first three hours. The stars were so beautiful and clear without the city lights interfering! We took a small detour around 5 am and scaled a small (ok, so it wasn't that small) rock hill... compliments of the friends we made. Perhaps we can learn that we shouldn't follow the crowd... but they seemed to know what they were doing! Once we got back on the trail we made pretty good time and made it to the summit around 10:30. We had a nice break at the top, ate lunch, took some photos and began our trek down the mountain. Let me just say that the sheer cliffs consisting of sharp pieces of mountain were not exactly my favorite part. There's something about the possibility of sliding down the face of the mountain that just didn't seem all that appealing to me. Call me crazy.

We went down the Aspen Grove side, which was a little more difficult to navigate, but we did it, and had quite the time doing it. Once we reached the glacier, we had no other choice but to slide down it. I wish I would have recorded Kels and Mare sliding down... it was quite the sight! Kels went down first and lost her hiking stick in the process of trying not to spin out of control. Mare went next, but Kels wasn't off the glacier yet. So, as you can probably guess, they collided and began to spin/tumble/slide very quickly down the remainder of the glacier. They made it safely down, with only minor injuries. I was last to go down, so I attempted to use the information/skills I had learned from Kels and Mare's experience, and had a fairly safe ride down (minus the loss of my hiking stick... sorry, Dad.) After navigating the endless rock field and several switchbacks later, we made it to our cars.

So now we sit watching Emperor's New Groove with plans to just sit all night. We made lots of memories, had tons of fun and got to enjoy the beautiful fall colors!

The sunrise from the backside of Timp. It was absolutely beautiful!

We did it!!! Kels, Me, Mare, Jules, Ryan & Byron at the summit with Utah Valley below us!

Utah Valley from the summit

This is the glacier we slid down (part of it.) Notice the "small" rocks in the ice... those were not exactly fun to slide over...

Friday, September 26, 2008

He Proposed!!!

But not to me. Can I just express to you the joy I felt when Jim got down on one knee and proposed to Pam? It was magical, and MUCH over-due. And it happened in the pouring rain, no less. How romantic!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Have you had your break today?

I haven't, and I should be doing homework. But I'm not. Clearly, I am too easily distracted. Oh well, it happens. Somtimes eight hours of school and a few more of homework just gets to be a little much and a small break is needed.

As I was sitting at school today, trying to get some studying done, I found myself distracted (surprised? I'm not) by the incredible colors on the mountains. They are absolutely beautiful! I think that I forget how awe-inspiring it is every year to watch them change as we change seasons. I'm so lucky to live so close to the mountains--- I just have to look out my window to see this gorgeous scene! So even though it took me away from precious study time today, I'm glad it did. The leaves only change once a year and I need to take more time to enjoy it while it's happening.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

They did it again!!!

Just a little shout out to my favorite football team. Back-t0-back shut outs! Amazing. The last time this happened was in 1985, and believe it or not, the scores back then were also 59-0 and 44-0. It must be fate. Or luck. But whatever you call it, it's awesome.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Did anyone else watch TGIF every Friday night? It was awesome. I, for one, am glad that it is Friday. No school for three days (except the homework), no work for two days... just fun with my favorite roommates all weekend long! That fun includes the BYU-Wyoming football game, David's Breakfast Birthday Bash, relaxation, random fun and as always, good food. What more could a girl ask for? Life is good.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Super Fantastic Summer Recap

So I thought I would give you all a little recap of my oh-so-exciting summer. I had all kinds of crazy fun and I can't wait for next summer to do it all over again!!! I hiked, swam, ran, road-tripped, attended lots of weddings, and basically had a blast!!! (Sorry for the excessive length of this post, but I didn't want to leave any part out!)

Mare, Kels, Me, Lindsay Patch and Kristi Tonga- We hiked to Stewart Falls and it was gorgeous! We met our good friend Monty the Moose while we were hiking... luckily he was just out for a Saturday morning stroll and didn't see us as a threat.

We ran the Freedom Run 5K! Sadly, those medals around our necks are not medals of the winning kind... I think they just felt sorry for us that we didn't win, so they gave us sympathy medals. But at least we finished... that last stretch up 9th East is a killer!

We did lots of swimming this summer! We had season's passes to 7 Peaks, as well as plenty of opportunities to swim at Scott & Melinda's pool. Now if I can just remember to wear my sunscreen...

One word: AMAZING!!!

I was a bridesmaid--- Twice!!! Julie and Amber both got married this summer. Both had beautiful weddings and I was so honored to be a bridesmaid for both of them!

Keepin' It Scera: Scera Outdoor Theater has outdoor movies during the summer. We saw Hairspray and Stardust! It was fun to take our blankets and relax on the hill side and watch some good movies!

8 seconds? Psh. I made it for 10 on this big guy!

I went to the beautiful beaches of Southern California with my two favorite ladies!!!

Kels, Mare, the boys (Dustin & Terry) and I went up to our cabin to eat dinner and hang out. All I can say about that is that it's been FAR too long since I have been up there. Glad I finally made it up there!!!

So there is a recap of what my summer was like. As always, it was over before I knew it, but I loved every minute of it! Only 8 months until next summer! (but who's counting?)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Beckham Schmeckham

This is the only soccer star in my life!

He even scored the first goal of the game (and season)! What a stud!

A Whole New World

Hi friends! I finally gave in and made a blog! Kels and Mare have been trying to get me to set one up for a while now, so here it is!
(Stay tuned... I will post a summer re-cap shortly.)