Monday, December 27, 2010

Hasta La Vista 2010

Holy smokes. Another year is almost over. I know it seems overstated, but seriously... where does the time go? It's crazy! It hardly seems like a year ago I was recovering from shoulder surgery and turning in my senior projects at school.

This year went by quickly, but it was full of all kinds of crazy shenanigans and fun times. Such as: (these are in no particular order)

Turning 26
GRADUATING COLLEGE (with my papa, too!)!!!
Spending a week in Phoenix, AZ
Getting totally awesome cankles from a horrible sunburn
Getting paid to go to Lagoon (and getting to bring Mare with me!)
Being put in the RS presidency
Hiking to Stewart Falls
Taking a bike ride up the canyon, and surviving the crash that came with it
Moving into an condo with Marianne
Learning how to cook more than 2 meals
Finally making it up to our family cabin
Getting a job teaching 7th grade English
Playing lots and lots with Mia
Finding out I am getting a nephew in April
Surviving a 5 hour date in Park City with a slightly less than stable guy
Lots of late nights laughing, eating good treats, and watching Psych & other good things
Paying off my car
Letting myself out of my comfort zone (a little bit, at least)
Winning several dance-offs while playing Just Dance (and losing my fair share as well)
Learning that I can't control what others do... I can only control what I do
Realizing just how blessed I am
Becoming a fan of Diet Coke. Yum
Attempting to improve my sewing and crafting skills
Reading, reading, and more reading
Watching & falling in love with Mr. Thornton, Mr. Knightley, & Mr. Darcy. Mmmm :)
Looking forward to what 2011 will bring. Good things, I'm sure!

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Words of Wisdom

Did you know...

That the importance of family is probably the most cause of gangs in America?

I didn't until I was grading journals today and came across this lovely morsel of knowledge. I also didn't know that "most cause" is grammatically correct. Oh wait. It's not. Awesome.