Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blast from the past

Do you ever hear a song that takes you back to another time and place? There have been several times lately when I am driving in my car that I hear a little gem from back in the day, and suddenly I am transported to the time when I was an awkward teenager, new to high school, and still trying to figure out a new set of social norms. It's like I am suddenly right back in an exact moment. I can smell the smells, see/hear who and what was there, and  feel like I am actually are there (minus the tube bangs and flared jeans, of course). Isn't that the best?

Take this little treasure for example:

Thank you, Nick, Howie, A.J., Brian, and Kevin. You sent my little 15 year old heart into a tizzy. And let's be honest... when I hear you now, you still kinda do.

(How can you not love Nick's middle-parted bowl cut? And what about Brian's soulful voice and smooth moves? Oh how they both melted my teenage heart. Welcome back, 1998. Welcome back. You still put a grin on my face.)