Friday, January 3, 2014

Peace Out, 2013

2013 was quite a year. It flew by faster than any other year so far. It seems like time is moving faster and faster. Hopefully 2014 slows down a bit. As is tradition, here is a quick recap of this past year and all the wonderful things that happened:

- Nearly froze to death in the frigid single digit temps we had all of January.
- Took a few days off of work to watch Emmett so Kelsey could fly to Chicago for Riley's boot camp graduation.
- Turned 29. 
- Finally got to see my cousin Wes when he got home from his mission.
- Spent Spring Break in St. George with my mom, dad, and Skyler. 
- Finally visited Zion National Park.
- Had a crazy sewing bug, so I made an entire quilt in one weekend.
- Ate my weight (and maybe more) in fresh peas from the garden. I seriously live for June every year.
- Studied my brains out for and took the Praxis II.
- Passed said test and officially upgraded my teaching license to a level 2 license. 
- Finally joined the iPhone world. I LOVE it.
- Spent two weeks in July teaching a program for gifted and talented elementary school kids. And I became very grateful that I chose secondary education as my field.
- Our family was finally all together again when Riley came home from Navy training.
- Spent the first week of August in Denver helping my friend Jill with her kids after she had hip surgery.
-Finally went camping for the first time in ten years. It was magical.
- Started my FIFTH year of teaching. Still can't believe I'm that far in already.
- Spent four days in California with my family. My cousin Eric got married, so a bunch of us headed down to celebrate. 
- Finally got to go inside the San Diego Temple. Oh. My. Gorgeous.
- Took another day or two off work to play with Emmett again so Kelsey and Riley could venture to Denver for a Sox game.
- Made it to 2 BYU football games.
- Discovered that all my time in the sun has started to cause damage. I had the first of what I'm sure will be many precancerous moles removed.
- Watched my incredibly talented students put on Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.
- Celebrated with my family the day Nicole and Chaz finally got to adopt a sweet baby girl.
- Ate waaaaayyy too much food on Thanksgiving.
- Took a chance on a dating app. Said chance paid off. :) I was lucky enough to meet Nate, and I'm learning what it takes to do a long distance relationship. Wish me luck, folks. :)
- Learned how to time the basketball games at school. Nearly messed things up quite royally.
- Spent Christmas Eve sick as could be--- complete with a fever, chills, and general feeling of death.
- Spent more time than I can count with my family and friends, realized just how richly I have been blessed, and have learned more about my capabilities and who I am than ever before. 

I can only imagine that 2014 is going to be even better than 2013 was. I'm excited for what is in store for me. It'll be a good year.... even if I am turning 30 in March. :)