Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Teenagers are Funny.

It's time again for a "what's going on in the classroom" post. They've come up with some funnies lately, so I thought it only fair to share with you all.

** My kids were asked to design their own Utopia. I gave them several questions to think about and respond to. My favorite is below.

I reeeeeeally hope she meant horses.

** We were discussing the use of cell phones, and the subject of texting and driving came up. Oh boy did that open up a whole lot of opinions. One boy raised his hand to share a story. "One time I was driving with my friend and his mom, and she started to text while she was driving us. The problem is that she is Asian and she has squinty eyes. I was afraid that she wouldn't be able to see in the first place, but then she started texting, and I got scared for my life." (I should note that the boy telling the story is Asian as well...)

** We read a poem that talked about the moonlight and the way it makes everything look. I asked the question, "Why do you think people think the moonlight makes everything romantic?" (Now I realize that sort of question is a dangerous one with 8th graders, but I thought it'd be funny to hear their thoughts.) One boy's response? "Well, it won't matter if the person you're looking at is ugly because you can't see their face because it's dark." Hopefully he doesn't tell that to a girl.

 ** Overheard in the hallway: 
Student 1: "Man, what did you spray? I'm like dying over here!"
Student 2: "Axe!"
Student 1: "Well how many sprays did you do?"
Student 2: "Two! One for me, one for the ladies. That's how you do it, man!"

** And, when all else fails, and you haven't read the book you were supposed to read, just fill in every single answer with something about Chuck Norris. 

Nicely done, buddy. At least you got points for making me laugh.

Every day is an adventure in the junior high. Glad I get to watch it all unfold. Glad I don't have to live through it again. :)


Kelsey M. said...

chuck norris was the best. i still need to tell riley about that. :).

Staci said...

I bet he would have earned more points had he correctly spelled Chuck Norris' name. I love that you share these things!