Friday, January 25, 2013

Sometimes it's the little things.

I'm sitting here in a very thrilling teaching conference. And instead of listening to the award speeches, I thought I'd write a little post. (Because I can only take so much of the teacher jokes/humor...)

I was in the computer lab with my kiddos one day a few weeks ago, and I had this moment as I was gathering essays where I was like, "Oh my heck. How did I get here? How did I get to this point in my life where I am teaching 260 teenagers and actually loving it?!" And then I just smiled knowing that I'm where I should be. My kids are the best and I love what I do. And then it got me thinking about all the small things that make life wonderful. You know, things like:

* Fresh popcorn from the hot air popper.
* Time with Mia and Emmett.
* Skyler asking me to become a merit badge counselor so I could help him with the reading merit badge. Even though there are almost 18 years between us, a love for reading is something we have in common. I love it, and it makes me smile.
* Finally having a heater that works. Yay for a warm house!
* Girl's night out with my favorite ladies.
* Hugs.
* Making new friends.
* Reading. I have been flying through books lately.
* Valentine's Day decorations.
* Temperatures above 20 degrees. It practically feels like summer!
* Good converstaion.
* Making things. Being crafty.
* Diet coke.

It's been a goal of mine to notice the small moments that make life so much better. You know... kind of make the most of each day and live it to its fullest kind of stuff.


Jan said...

I so love your outlook and your list of things that make you happy. I'm in a not-so-happy time right now (injury + my dad being very ill and it's probably the end of the line = heartbreaking) and your list made me so happy today.

Love you, friend!

Kelsey M. said...