Sunday, August 11, 2013

Where, oh where has my summer gone? Oh, where, oh where did it go?

I can't believe summer is already coming to a close. I have to be back to work in four days, and the kids come back in eight! I haven't done a ton of big things this summer, but I've been plenty busy having fun with the things I did do!! Picasa is being difficult, so instead of a nice collage, you just get an overload of individual pictures! And now Blogger is being difficult, so they are all completely out of order!

At the end of July, I flew to Denver to help my friend Jill after she had surgery. I had a blast hanging out with her and playing with her cute girls for a week. Sadly, this is the only picture I have of the event.

This sweet girl makes me smile. Love her to pieces!

This little miss turned 4 in July! She is the cutest, sweetest lil' lady there is.

Skyler was a gem a helped me one morning at a class I was teaching. I seriously have the best brother!

On July 27, Riley came home from 8 months of Navy training! Our family is finally all together again!

4th of July festivities-- Clearly the kids found the sippy cup to be more interesting than taking a picture.

More 4th of July fun!

Seriously. Could she get any cuter? I think not.

Sunday night bike rides around the neighborhood with my parents and Skyler

Mr. E and I got haircuts on the same day!

A few shave ices may or may have not been consumed

Orem City Summerfest fireworks with my favorite ladies

A very much needed girl's night out with the ladies--- Brick Oven then enjoying the fresh air at the Riverwoods. Glad they can break away from their husbands every now and again for some fun!

It was a great summer, and if flew by SOOOO quickly. Here's to another great 9 months of teaching before I do it again!!

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mark Koster said...

Fun summer, too bad it has gone so fast. Here's to fall.